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Ianua short film van Vincenzo Onnembo

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Ianua is a woman blinded by her faith in Christ. She lives alone in her grand mother's house, which, since the old woman's death Ianua has obsessively transformed into an intimate museum of Christianity. After years of devotion Ianua becomes aware of a superior force, which reveals her real nature to her.

ianua by vincenzo onnembo

ianua short film video installation door vincenzo onnembo

vincenzo onnembo ianua

janua van vincenzo onnembo


Invite-AV sponsort de afstudeer film van Vincenzo Onnembo


Tech spec

Director: Vincenzo Onnembo
Title: Ianua
Medium: Single-Channel, black and white video installation
Duration: approx. 10 min

Artist Statement
Vincenzo Onnembo is an italian filmmaker and cinematographer from Napoli currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

After studies in graphic design and multimedia he decided to see the world through lens-based tools, becoming an image hunter. A strong interest in anthropology led him to explore his own roots, producing film and photography works, which survey the devout yet superstitious sphere of the Neapolitan people.

Themes in his work include religion, nature and local traditions, conveyed in modes including narrative abstraction and experimental soundscapes. His recent films investigates faith, devotion and life in rural communities, addressing their detachment from the modern world, which determines the preservation of traditions.

Through folk tales and locally inherited stories, he attempts to picture the holy, the transcendental and sublime atmospheres of spiritual ecstasy in catholic ceremonies as well as their relationship to pagan rituals, shamanism and black magic.


TENT Rotterdam
Thursday 14th July - Sunday 21st August
Opening: Thursday 14 July 20.00

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Tuesday - Sunday from 11.00 till 18.00 hrs



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