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wrapparty 'life is an art' movie en teaser online!

... terug

het is zo ver! de wrapparty is aangekondigd, de teasertrailer van life is een art in HD staat online op de site en de edit is in volle gang! Life is an art, is een project van producer Rik Sinkeldam in samenwerking met een heleboel andere mensen, volledig gedraaid op de EX1/Letus Elite in combinatie met onze Zeiss ZF lenzen.



life is an art movie



life is an art movie



het verhaal in het kort:


'Two young detectives, Dane deSantos and David Bell, are in pursuit of a mysterious mutilator, called The Artist.

This insane maniac kidnaps and mutilates  people in an 'artistic' way, because you can only understand a masterpiece of art when going through hell. All these victims are somehow connected to the art form they're mutilated in...

When David gets killed in the action, Dane is destined to avenge his partner’s death, even when this leads to a divorce and separation from his family.

With the help of the beautiful private investigator Claire Jones, the story and research of the bizarre killings with an artistic theme is going public, with the intention to lure The Artist from his liar.

More clues arise and the trail leads to a gallery owner, Nathan Scott, who was the first victim and hasn’t been recovered yet… '


lees meer op de site van 'life is an art'


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